Monday, October 23, 2017
  • Trees with connecting piece split between both head shaped trees.

    Who we are

    Specialising in Experiential Team Building Activities we are a Galway based Company who have been facilitating groups through our Sports, Leisure and Recreation business over the past five years. We have now introduced Experiential Teambuilding Activities to enhance and complement our existing offering.

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  • Cutaway of two head shaped trees face each other and shake hands using roots beneath the ground.

    What we do

    We facilitate a wide variety of teambuilding activities which will help your staff, teams, groups and leaders become enthusiastic, engaged and effective. We use the process of experiential learning whereby participants experience the task or activity and are encouraged to reflect and evaluate the learning extracted from participating in the activity.

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  • Graphic illustration of cog wheels inside persons head.

    How we work

    Our Experiential Learning methods focus on the learning process for each individual. This forms the basis for observation and reflection and the learner has the opportunity to consider what is working or failing. Experiencing and enjoying the activity enables learning which empowers the Individual and evolves the Team.

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