A group of co-workers enjoying a bubble football game at Astrobay Galway after a team-building excercise event.

The group rounded off the day with a fantastic game of bubble football which always produces great laughs. They demonstrated great energy even after all of the previous tests and trials they engaged in and full credit to them all. We thoroughly enjoyed hosting you in Ballyloughane today and look forward to seeing you soon again!

Experia Team.

A group of co-workers engage in a group dynamic activity in Ballyloughane as part of a team-building excercise.

These tasks places fresh demands on the participants and ramp up the intensity by limiting the time available. The more participants the greater the challenges and the imposed time limits promote greater perception and clarity of purpose within the various groups involved.

A group of workers in teams compete to solve puzzles in a team building excercise event.

Engaging a group in cooperatively solving complex puzzles builds relationships and forges bonds between people that otherwise can remain undeveloped or underdeveloped for a variety of reasons but often simply due to perceived behavioural constraints in the workplace.

Group of workmates engaging in an outdoor group event to get to know each other early in the day.

The team of Clients engage with each other early on with a humorous introductory activity which helps to 'break the ice' and get the session off to a great start.