Task Zones is a series of Indoor Team Tasks which will challenge all aspects of team work within any given group e.g. communication, trust, compromise, listening....etc

Once briefed, participants will be randomly divided into 4 groups. The event will consist of 5 different “Task Zones” which groups will rotate through every 25 min’s. We can work around scheduled break times to ensure students can avail of same with minimum disruption to their daily routine.

Duration 2.5 - 3 Hrs.

Zone 1

Tower of Power

Using a Team Crane, the group are tasked with building either a;
  • Three Story Tower Block of their choice
  • or build the highest Single Tower Block possible with the blocks provided

Can they handle the time constraints?
Are the building blocks what they seem on closer inspection?

Zone 2

The Floating Table

Blindfolded participants with the aid of a guide are tasked with removing varying size objects from a “floating table”.
Can the group complete the task without flipping the table?

Zone 3


Using the method of trial and error the group is tasked with making their way across a pre-determined route which only the Instructor knows the correct path.
Can the group complete the challenge with no verbal communication and without having to pay the price?

Zone 4

Domino Effect

Tasked with a number of Construction Challenges the group must create a Domino Cascade, steady hands, effective communication, safety blocks are all a must to ensure the task can be completed!

Zone 5

Team Navigator

The group are tasked with navigating a pathway, creating a logo, or drawing an arbitrary shape using only the rope box and pen provided.
Patience, communication and teamwork are prerequisites to complete this challenge!

All Activities are inclusive, engaging and most importantly fun!

All Activities delivered in a safe environment whilst adhering to Covid-19 guidelines.

Activities are suitable for all Secondary School Students.

Minimum of 40 Participants**
**Where Colleges have less than the required numbers we can look at providing morning and afternoon sessions with other years within the school.
You may also wish to look at partnering with another local College to ensure numbers and viability.

*Please contact us directly if you are under the minimum number of participants!

Checkout our wide range of Leisure Activities which take place onsite at our sister facility ASTROBAY in Renmore, Galway City H91 K2T1

NOTE* - For Colleges located outside of County Galway a travel cost will apply