We are currently delivering the following program of activities to TY Students onsite at your College.


The following is an example of how a group of 40 particpants would look like over a 2.5 hour period.

Once briefed participants will be randomly divided into 4 groups. The event will consist of 5 different "Play Zones" which groups will rotate through every 20 minutes. We can work around scheduled break times to ensure students can avail of same with minimum disruption to their daily routine.

Each Zone will have a designated Instructor and Hand Sanitizing Provisions.

Icebreaker Intro

Card Swap

Students engage in a five minute "Card Swap" where they get the opportunity to ask and respond to random questions in pairs.

Zone 1

Pit Stop Challenge

Teams race against each other to remove and replace their car wheels earning points as they go whilst at the same time constructing a model Wheelbarrow using large Meccano type equipment.

Zone 2

Human Football Table

The participants become the players as this retro table top classic comes to life. Great fun even if you never kicked a ball in your life!

Zone 3


Blindfolded participants verbally assisted by their teammates navigate a series of obstacles before detonating - Pump Pop Bang!

Zone 4

Beat the Buzzer - Jenga Moves

Teams face off against each other in these timeless classics, can they beat the buzzer and be the team that doesn't knock the tower......

Zone 5

Team Challenges

Groups come together for a bit of chaos and the Grand Finale!

Challenge 1 - Pipeline

Teams race to transfer their ball from one side of their grid to the "Drop Zone" in the middle using only the equipment provided.

Challenge 2 - Caterpillars

Teams race to get their giant coloured pvc roll moving so they can cross the finish line first.

All Activities are inclusive, engaging and most importantly fun!

All Activities delivered in a safe environment whilst adhering to Covid-19 guidelines.

Activities are suitable for all Secondary School Students.

Minimum of 40 Participants**
**Where Colleges have less than the required numbers we can look at providing morning and afternoon sessions with other years within the school.
You may also wish to look at partnering with another local College to ensure numbers and viability.

*Please contact us directly if you are under the minimum number of participants!

Checkout our wide range of Leisure Activities which take place onsite at our sister facility ASTROBAY in Renmore, Galway City H91 K2T1