We are currently delivering the following program of activities to TY Students onsite at your College.

How it works;

Once briefed participants will be randomly divided into 2, 3 or 4 groups depending on the overall number. The event will consist of a series of Teambuilding Challenges & Activities *see below, whereby the Students will compete against each other to complete the tasks in the quickest time as instructed in the brief. A Scoreboard is updated after each challenge. Scheduled break times which align to the normal school day can be included to ensure minimum disruption to the students daily routine.

Each Group will have a designated Instructor and Hand Sanitizing Provisions.



Card Swap, Birthday Line Up and Word Association complete this fun, inclusive and engaging warm up intro before activities.

Blindfold Train

All the participants are blindfolded except for the driver. Teams compete with one another to complete the course in the fastest time possible.

Circle & Oval

Using the batons provided teams must move the oval ball from one side of the play area to the other without the ball exiting the circle.

Hula Challenge

Staying with the batons, teams form a line and race to pass the hula hoop through the entire group without breaking the link.


Using the decking boards and ropes provided, teams must make their way across the boards without falling off or touching the ground.
Progression to removal of one and two boards to increase the challenge difficulty.

Rainbow Rounders

Teams are divided into servers and pitchers and try to score as many points as possible by catching balls in the buckets on the other side of the Play Zone.

The Maze

Teams must decipher the code which will allow them to pass from one side of the Maze to the other. Progression to non verbal communication to complete the task.

Giant 3's

Aligned to an excercise called by the Instructors Teams race against each other to place 3 cones in a row, across, down or diagonally as this traditional game comes to life.

Velcro Legs

Using the velco links provided participants join up create individual teams to race around the course in this hilarious group version of the classic 3 legged race.


A more easy paced activity as teams use small bowling type balls and compete to be the nearest to the "Jack"


Using the pipes provided teams must transport their ball through their pipeline and into their allocated drop zone before the other teams get there.


The finale, participants climb into giant coloured pvc rolls and race to get their whole team across the finishing line whilst still inside.

All Activities are inclusive, engaging and most importantly fun!

All Activities delivered in a safe environment whilst adhering to Covid-19 guidelines.

Activities are suitable for all Secondary School Students.

  • 2.5 hours of Activities & Challenges
  • Minimum 30 Participants
  • Travel time/surcharge applies to Schools outside of Galway City
  • €17.50pp

Checkout our wide range of Leisure Activities which take place onsite at our sister facility ASTROBAY in Renmore, Galway City H91 K2T1